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4 Hidden Toxins Might Be In Your Home Right Now


Whether your home is new or old, it may contain hidden toxins.   Here are four common toxins and how to make your home healthier:


1.      Mold, a musty-smelling, black or greenish fungus that thrives on moisture, and irritates your eyes and skin plus makes you cough.

What To Do:  Keep your house clean, dry, and well ventilated especially in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.  Remove minor mold with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.  If you find a large amount, it may be inside a wall, so talk to a professional mold removal service about cleaning it up.


2.      Chemical compounds, including formaldehyde (in carpets,

upholstery, glues) can make your eyes and throat burn; benzene (in plastics, synthetic fibers, pesticides) can cause dizziness; and trichloroethylene (in paint removers, adhesives) can cause fatigue.
What To Do:  Read labels and buy household products wisely.  Store hazardous products on corrosion-resistant shelves and learn how to safely recycle them at: www.earth911.com.


3.      Lead paint, especially in homes built before 1978, can cause brain damage in young children.

What To Do:  Check the paint in homes, particularly if you’re planning to renovate.  For details, go to: www.epa.gov/lead.


4.      Radon, an odorless gas that comes from the breakdown of soil and rock under your home is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

What To Do:  You can buy a radon test kit at a hardware store or contact the state radon office for a list of qualified testers.  To find a certified radon contractor to fix a problem, go to this directory: www.epa.gov/radon/whereyoulive.html

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